CTA Hosts Farrier Clinic

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CTA hosted its second Farrier Summit in March at Hipodromo Camarero. The three-day clinic was free and open to any hoof care provider on the island.  The summit was divided into lecture and hands-on clinics and led by Steve Kraus, BS, CJF, Head of Farrier Services at Cornell University, and Gary Gullo Jr., an award-winning farrier who specializes in thoroughbred racehorses. 

"We noticed that we were seeing a lot of hoof issues in the horses coming off the track, which can be managed with newer technology, but our farriers don't really have the opportunity or can't afford to leave the island for educational opportunities, so we thought we'd bring the pros to them!" Kelley Stobie, Executive Director, Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare 

During the three-day summit, farriers learned about common ailments where therapeutic shoeing may help, and how to understand and identify the root causes of hoof issues.  Case reviews and outcomes for several problematic hoof problems including white line disease, negative Hoof Pastern Angles, caudal heel pain, and interference. 

Local farriers were able to get hands-on practice and guidance using some of the latest and most advanced options for shoeing available, including 3D-printed mesh pads and half plates. 

Each day our participants were treated to lunch and snacks, courtesy of Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare, and Hipodromo Camarero. Our speakers, Steve Kraus, BS, CJF, and Gary Gullo generously donated their time and took time out of their very busy schedules (thank you!)

Dr. Stuart Brwon and his wife Jen Roytz also generously donated $1500 to help cover costs and made this event possible. 

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