Heartfelt Connections: 5 Reasons Adopting a Horse Trumps Buying

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  1. Transparent health and behavioral history: Accredited aftercare organizations have a complete medical and behavioral history of the horses in their care, which they can share with potential adopters. This information can help adopters make informed decisions about which horse is the best fit for them. 🐎 Every CTA horse comes with a complete pre-purchase exam 🎉

  2. Trained and evaluated horses: Horses that come through an accredited aftercare organization have typically undergone evaluation and training by professionals. This can mean that they are better trained and more well-behaved than horses that have not been through this process, making them easier for adopters to handle and ride. 🐎 All of our horses have completed retraining and can walk, trot and canter under saddle, lead well, tie well and are generally sweet well-mannered citizens.

  3. Support for adopters: Accredited aftercare organizations often provide support and resources to adopters after the adoption is complete. This can include guidance on training and care, as well as access to veterinary and farrier services. 🤗 At CTA, we're here for you every step. If things don't work out, we'll always take our horses back, no questions asked. Your trust and their well-being matter to us.

  4. Lower cost: Adopting a horse from an aftercare organization can often be more affordable than buying from a private party. The adoption fee typically covers the cost of medical care, training, and evaluation, which can be more expensive if done independently. Our Adoption fees range from $500 - $800 and every horse is up to date on vaccines, dental and shoeing. 

  5. Opportunity to make a difference: By adopting a horse from an accredited aftercare organization, you are helping to support their mission of providing care and retraining to retired racehorses. This can be a rewarding experience, knowing that you are giving a second chance to a horse that might not have otherwise found a home. This is the BEST part.
Overall, adopting a horse from an accredited aftercare organization can provide numerous benefits, including transparency, support, and affordability, while also allowing adopters to make a positive impact on the lives of retired racehorses.
Check out our adoptable horses here: https://www.myrighthorse.org/organizations/caribbean-thoroughbred-aftercare-inc-rio-grande-pr
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