(CTA) Faces Critical Financial Crisis Amidst Rising Challenges

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July 31, 2023, Rio Grande, PR - The year has proven to be an unparalleled financial struggle for Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare (CTA). With surging inflation, declining support, and reduced general donations, the organization is grappling with an unprecedented increase in rehab cases and a higher inventory of horses in need. Coupled with escalating operating expenses, CTA finds itself in a dire situation, urgently seeking community support.

Effective August 1, CTA regretfully announces that it can no longer accept additional horses, due to depleted funds for quarantine and transportation. The organization is left with just enough financial resources to provide for the necessities of the current equine residents for the next 45 days. CTA will only be able to accommodate watchlist horses if the individuals who added them to the list can secure funding for their care.

The uncertainty of CTA's future looms large, compelling the organization to call upon the local horse racing industry, which brings hundreds of horses to the island annually. CTA urges the industry to join hands and devise a sustainable plan to support retired racehorses financially, beyond their racing careers, so that euthanasia need not be the sole solution.

If adequate funding is not secured, CTA will appeal to the local industry to assist in rehoming the piroplasmosis positive horses on the island, adhering to CTA's pre-adoption criteria. As for the imported horses, CTA will reach out to other aftercare on the mainland in hopes of finding suitable placements, contingent upon raising the required $3295 for their travel expenses.

"Responsible aftercare is an imperative duty of the racing industry – one that cannot be overlooked or ignored. As they profit from breeding and bringing these magnificent horses into Puerto Rico, it is incumbent upon the industry to step up and provide the essential funding for their lifelong well-being and care. Embracing this responsibility with unwavering dedication will ensure a brighter future for these incredible athletes who have given their all on the racetrack."  - Chrissy Laughlin, Adoption Coordinator, former board member

On-island adoptions have witnessed a decline, posing a new challenge for CTA. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable homes for these deserving horses, leading to extended stays at the facility. This situation places additional strain on CTA's limited resources and emphasizes the urgency of finding viable solutions.

The situation is critical, and the horses desperately need our collective help. Every day, countless equines face the risk of euthanasia or abandonment, and it is only through collaborative efforts that a difference can be made. Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare remains steadfast in its commitment to providing the best aftercare for these majestic creatures and aims to promote awareness and generate positive change.

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About Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare:
Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare (CTA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being and aftercare of retired racehorses in the Caribbean. With a focus on providing a safe haven and promoting responsible adoption, CTA aims to create a brighter future for these remarkable animals.

Over the last seven years, CTA has championed the cause of 288 horses, providing them with hope and a second chance at life. Notably, renowned champions like Don Carlos R and Tito Discount have found a haven and a well-deserved retirement at CTA, where they enjoy a safer and healthier life off the racetrack. The organization still houses many other horses eagerly awaiting loving forever homes.

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